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Rhythms: Find Rest for Your Soul

1. Soul Prosperity

In today’s message, Pastor and special guest, Chevonda Allen MA, LPC-S, LMFT, discuss the importance of setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-care, and being willing to grow.

2. My Body, His Temple

Pastor Ray welcomes Dr. Trevin Fugere, owner of Fusion Chiropractic Spa, for a timely conversation about the importance of fulfilling God’s call by caring for our physical bodies.

3. Fill My Cup: Part 1

Pastor Ray and special guest, Shuronda Scott MS, NCC, LPC Associate, discuss the 10 Top 10 Relational Needs we all share and how meeting those needs fill our relational and emotional cup.

4. Fill My Cup: Part 2

In the sequel to Fill My Cup, Pastor Ray and Shuronda Scott MS, NCC, LP Associate share practical relational principles to help empty and refill your emotional cup.

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