This is Us: Christ-centered family relationships

1. The Blueprint

Have you ever wondered what God had to say about life’s most important interpersonal relationships (i.e. the family)? Watch Pastors Ray & Wendy unpack God’s blueprint for husbands, wives, children and parents from Colossians 3:17-21.

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2. When a Man Loves a Woman

In today’s message, Pastor Ray shares from Colossians 3:18-21. It’s all about the three laws of love & the warning signs of neglect and bitterness in marriage.

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3. Roles, Responsibilities, and Other Girl Boss Moves

Join Pastor Wendy and her ConvergeHER panel for a candid discussion on marriage, family, and work-life balance.

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4. This is Us: FAQs

Pastors Ray and Wendy tackle your questions about dating, communication, boundaries and conflict resolution. Hear practical and Biblical wisdom from your pastors.

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5. This is Us: FAQs, Part Two

In our sermon series finale, Pastors Ray and Wendy tackle more questions about marriage, divorce, parenting, and boundaries with candor and clarity

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